7 Best Science YouTube Channels for Kids

Our family loves to do things outdoors, be active, or do arts and crafts. Sometimes we all need a break though, right? These days, that break sometimes comes in the form of ten minutes of screen time! 

When YouTube first came along, I never really saw much use or fun in it. It’s exploded since, and one of the things I’ve loved the most is immersing myself (and the little ones!) in all the great online educational content. Seriously – the people who make these videos are so creative and talented!

Best Science YouTube Videos for Kids

best science youtube channels for kids

Today, I want to share some of them with you. In particular, I will focus on a favorite subject of mine at the moment: science. I’ll include links to the channels below, and I hope you enjoy them as much as we all do.

The engaging host on Crash Course Kids talks about a range of topics – from physics to space to engineering and other subjects – in an engaging and kid-friendly manner. She uses a lot of animations and pictures to bring her subjects to life. This is a great channel for upper elementary students and beyond! Check out ‘Fabulous Food Chains’… it’s a personal favorite of mine. 

I just love Dr. Binocs, the lead character on this channel. He teaches your young viewers (and, probably, you!) the answers to a wide range of questions. You know the questions little ones ask which have you (sometimes) rolling your eyes and scratching your head? Questions like: what happens if you swallow hair? What is the best way to survive an earthquake? Dr. Binocs has the answers. My pre-K daughter loves the videos, and I think all levels of elementary kids will too. 

Some time ago, a super creative father started sharing the wild and sometimes wacky experiments he’d do with his two boys on Instagram. The popularity was crazy! It led to a hugely successful and popular YouTube channel, which is fast approaching five million subscribers. He will help you learn cool and fun science activities which can be done safely at home. He will also explain the science behind them in a fun and easy-to-follow way. Why not take a look at his video ‘How to Make Dinosaur Ice Eggs’? It’s barely two minutes long, and your little ones may love it!

This channel is a spin-off from the original ‘Scishow’, which is aimed at adults. It is perfect for lower elementary students, with short videos (around four minutes), meaning they are sharp and to-the-point. Many episodes are structured around the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), meaning it comes in handy when looking for activities to incorporate into your lessons. The most useful ones for me have been ‘How a caterpillar becomes a butterfly’, ‘What is sound?’, and ‘Sink or Float’. The last one can lead to some great fun in the classroom!

National Geographic Kids

National Geo is a real household name. Growing up, I recall spending hours in front of the television watching and learning about all sorts of weird and wonderful topics. Even now, if I had more time (!), I think I’d still be doing it. On YouTube, National Geo Kids does a great job using real life videos to help kids explore the world. I go to this channel by default if I want to find something cool to share about animals or birds. Ever heard of the Giant Pacific Octopus? I hadn’t either, but thanks to this awesome channel, I can tell you it’s the largest species of octopus on the planet, and they have over two-thousand suction cups on their legs! Why not take a look and find out more?

Homeschool Pop isn’t just a science channel, but also covers math, social studies, English and more. The videos are beautifully animated, and the narrator speaks with kid-friendly tones and language. They are very engaging and are suitable for elementary school kids of all ages. One of the coolest collections they have is a short video for each of the fifty states. Want your students to know more about Iowa, Florida, California or any of the rest? They’ll give you a great overview. On the science front, their ‘The Sun for Kids’ will provide a lot of cool facts and easy-to-learn things about the sun, and can lead to some great activities in class when incorporated into a lesson.


KLT uploads new videos every week, and they are always really enjoyable. They cleverly use music and animation to grab the kids’ attention. You can find songs about planets, body parts and even nails. My niece enjoyed the song about the Periodic Table the most, but that’s likely for upper elementary school kids!

I hope you enjoy having a look at some of those channels, and that they provide you with inspiration for activities in the classroom or even at home. These six channels are a mere drop in the ocean in terms of the content out there. If you’re anything like me, exploring a couple of them will lead you to many more. Hours sometimes pass very quickly when I’m enjoying them!


That’s all for now. Have a great day!


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