Prefixes and Suffixes Activities and Worksheets


There are any number of tools we can use to help build vocabularies, but one of the most creative and fun ways is when we teach prefixes and suffixes! I love seeing little faces light-up as the children begin to see how prefixes, suffixes and roots are basically the building blocks of words, and they get very inventive when we move on to see how to use them 🙂


Prefixes and Suffixes Hands on Activities

Who is ready for hands on learning? Your students will have fun putting the prefix and suffix puzzles together. These puzzles will reinforce their knowledge of prefixes and suffixes, their definitions, and everyday words that use them. 

You can either laminate, cut the pieces and place them in a literacy center, or do the activity with the students in a small group. Another option is to print them small and have your students cut and paste them in their grammar notebook. That way, the puzzles belong to them forever!

One of the activities included in this packet is a set of 24 cards called Task Cards. Punch a hole on the top left corner and bind the cards with a ring. Students can either work on these cards independently or as a fun class game: SCOOT. Scroll down to read more about how to play this game.

Base Words and Affixes Activities is a hands-on approach to increase the students’ vocabulary by helping them understand how to use prefixes and suffixes to decode a meaning. 

Prefix Puzzles: 

Put four puzzle pieces together for each prefix. The complete puzzle should have the prefix, its definition, an example word that uses the prefix, and the definition of the example word.

Suffix Puzzles:

Put four puzzle pieces together for each suffix. The complete puzzle should have the suffix, its definition, an example word that uses the suffix, and the definition of the example word.

Task Cards:

Students can have independent or partner work time to complete these task cards and write their answers on the recording sheets (included), or you can get them up and moving around the room by playing the game of SCOOT.

How do you play SCOOT?

  • Place a card on each table (or on the floor if you don’t have individual tables).
  • Give students a recording sheet and station them in front of each card.
  • Start the game.
  • Say ‘Scoot!’ to get the students to shimmy to the next card.
  • Play until desired or until everyone has gone around the room.

Prefix and Suffix Posters

Looking for a way to spice up your bulletin board in a meaningful manner? Try my prefix and suffix posters which will give your students wonderful visuals to be able to reference in class. These posters were designed to help build vocabulary and make your students better readers and writers. You can either print the posters in color or black and white, or simply print out the reference chart to place in the literacy center or in their grammar notebooks!



Prefix and Suffix Kid-Friendly Worksheets

These no-prep printables are perfect to teach the concept of prefixes and suffixes to young learners. These worksheets were made following the Common Core Language first and second grade standards, but they have been proven to be successful with ESOL students too.

clear directions
easy to understand
age appropriate
various options

The first grade packet focuses on base words and affixes, both prefixes and suffixes at the most basic level. There are two packets for second grade, one specifically for prefixes and the other for suffixes. The reason why I have two separate packets for second grade is because I wanted to go into a little more depth than the first grade packet. 

All of my no-prep printables  come with colorful posters that outline the definition and the focus topic (in this case, prefixes and suffixes), plenty of practice pages, and answer keys.

Prefixes and Suffixes Boom Cards

Who doesn’t love digital task cards? Boom Cards provide a fantastic opportunity to play and learn at the same time. Play the video above or click on the images above to play the preview.  





Interactive PowerPoint Lesson for Prefixes and Suffixes

Have you tried any of my Interactive PowerPoint Lessons? The lesson on base words and affixes will hook your students’ attention with animated explanations and exercises. Play the short sample video on the right, and read other teachers’ feedback here


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