Types of Sentences Activities and More

How do you teach the four kinds of sentences? Some of us use the terminology statement, question, command, and exclamation, and some use the terminology declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory.

All of these sentences have a different purpose. They either state something, ask a question, give an order, or express some kind of emotion.

We want our budding young writers to know these differences so that they can become more fluent writers. With practice, they will understand when to use the correct punctuation and write grammatically correct sentences.

Just like any other subject, teaching grammar can be made fun by incorporating different types of activities. I have made kid-friendly printables suitable for first grade, second grade, and ELL students, hands-on activities perfect for small group or center work, and digital games that can be played on BoomLearning.com. Go ahead and scroll down to check out some of the pictures.

Types of Sentence Worksheets and Posters

These are the types of sentence printables created for first grade and ELL students, and I’ve made sure to include both sets of terminology. 

option 1: statement, question, demand, exclamation
option 2: declarative, interrogative, imperative, exclamatory

It’s broken down into four focus sections:

Section 1: declarative sentence poster + 4 worksheets
Section 2: interrogative sentence poster + 4 worksheets
Section 3: imperative sentence poster + 4 worksheets
Section 4: exclamatory sentence poster + 4 worksheets

Second Grade Types of Sentence Worksheets and Posters

These are made for second grade and esol students. However, they can also be used with any of your high flying first graders or even for upper level elementary students. Again, the text in these printables is not overwhelming for young learners and the appropriate amount of clip art makes these more friendly.
This set includes one poster that outlines all four types of sentences and eleven worksheets to go with it. You can simply place the poster in a literacy center so that your students can use it as a cheat sheet when they work on related activities at the center or print them in black and white (save ink!) and have them glue it onto their language arts notebook.

Anchor Chart and Poster Ideas for Types of Sentences

Anchor charts are great way to, of course, ‘anchor’ your students’ learning as you make it with them in class. However, if you don’t have the luxury of time to do it (and who always does?), you can use the posters included with the worksheets to make a big poster like the picture above shows.

Types of Sentence Literacy Center Activities

Each page was designed with the young learners in mind: to be not too overwhelming, to be easy to follow, and to inspire them to enjoy and learn more! I created these hands-on activities to go with the printables. My kids find them to be super fun to play in a literacy center, and in a small group setting. You will find both sets of terminology in this packet as well.

Here’s what’s included:

  • sort the sentences
  • dice game
  • task cards (can be done individually or as a whole group in a game of SCOOT.)


Types of Sentences Digital Games

Now, you may not be familiar with this, but it’s a great tool that I want to introduce you to. Boom Learning is a completely awesome platform where  you can create your own digital cards or buy any of the sets designed with creativity by other authors. Boom Learning is free to sign up to,  and you can play these games as a whole class, but with a small yearly fee, you can also set up a whole classroom within the Boom platform to assign and monitor your students. You can individualize learning and get automatic progress reports which will save you a heck of a lot of time in the long run (and as we said earlier: that time sure is a luxury commodity, isn’t it? ). Boom Learning is simply awesome, so do check it out at the following link:  BOOM LEARNING

Check out the previews of these two sets of Boom Cards:



Free Grammar Worksheets for 1st Grade and 2nd Grade

These grammar worksheets are all part of bundles. If you don’t want to continue to searching for fun grammar supplements for your students, try these freebies and check out the bundles! Remember, you can always save $$$ getting the bundles instead of buying the packets separately. 😉

I am sure that you have dozens of other ways that you teach different types of sentences: please share them with me in the comments below if so!


 Thanks for reading and have a great day! 


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