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best teacher and classroom hacks for back to school

It’s about time that we’re all either back at school already, or we’re certainly counting down the last few days until we are! I have been trying to look and find new, innovative and exciting teaching hacks to make the classroom an easier, more enjoyable and, most of all, more convenient place for the upcoming weeks and months.

I have been really inspired by some of the ideas I’ve found on Instagram the past few days! I am really excited to gather them all below for you to see, and hope they help you too! Well done to all of the teachers below – you are an inspiration to us all 🙂

#1. Bicycle Water Holder by @beingmrsbrauner

“Yeah, that’s a water bottle sitting in a bicycle water holder ziptied to a desk leg… No more spilled water, soggy papers, or kids gettign up with the excuse they need to get their ‘water bottle’ 65 times a day anymore! 😂”


#2. Magnetic Wand by @sublimelittlescholars

“This is your annual reminder as you are setting up your bulletin boards (or in my case, taking down boards from May 😂) that you DO NOT NEED TO CRAW ON THE FLOOR AND PICK UP EVERY STAPLE ON BY ONE. I just wave my magnetic wand about an inch above the carpet and all my little staple friends come to me! Then I’m done in less than a minute. 💪”

#3. Clothespin + Superglue + Pushpin  by @suzannes_plans

superglue thumbtacks to clothespins to display student work for bulletin boards 🤓 I made these clothespins 4 years ago and they are still going strong! It’s super easy to display student work/writing throughout the entire year 🙌 it’s a bummer if you have cement or brick walls 😬🤦🏼‍♀️ 


#4. Baking Tray Whiteboard  by @collaborative_classroom

DOLLAR TREE: What’s better than a $1 hack that increases student engagement?!? It is a scientific FACT (according to me) that students will use an Expo marker any chance they get. I originally bought this Dollar Tree tray as a surface for students to glue and craft on. I also realized they can write on it!! This would be a super fun alternative to ‘scratch paper’ during math practice. What are YOUR other ideas for these trays??

Additional Tip: You could also use these as game trays, so when the kids play with a dice, the dice can stay in a CONTAINED AREA!

#5. Protect Walls with Painters Tape  by

Teacher Tip: Hot glue on top of painters tape to protect your walls and keep things hanging on the wall all year long! This has always worked for me. Especially for laminated things. 


#6. Tap Lights  by @lattesandlashesin3rd

No more restroom passes! 🙌 I’ve been using these tap lights as a way for the class to know when someone is already out using the restroom. If the B or G light 💡is on, I know a student is out, the kiddos know a student is out, and they don’t waste time asking me if they can go. 


#7. Germ Free Tissue Box  by @teachovertherainbow

Are you tired of the tissue box going missing? Are you concerned about all the germs on the box? If you are, go snag yourself one of these bad boys! I bought my under the counter thingy at Walmart, trimmed the grate to fit where the entire tissue comes out. Shake the box up really good so the tissues loosen up inside and they come out easier. Hang it in a convenient spot and you’re good to go! 


#8. Tape Trick  by @theanchoredteacher

This hack saved me so much time last year! Just lay out your letters on a table, put painters or masking tape over them. Tape carefully on your bulletin board and staple away! I would be careful with things that are not laminated. If your tape is really sticky it might rip them off. . 


#9. Cutting Inside Large Letters by @love.learning

Teacher Hack: if you don’t have an Xacto knife handy and need to cut the inside of large letters, use a hole punch to get started. It works way better than folding the letters or trying to stab them with the scissor tip.  


#10. No More Glare!  by @pencilsandpolygons

So many of my laminated items weren’t readable due to the glare! Use 2 coats of this matte spray and the glare is GONE! 🤯🤯🤯

#11. How to Keep the Desks Together  by @learnwithuss

For real, one of the few things keeping me sane this time of the year. If you are struggling to keep your desks together or to get your kids to align them, USE CANS! Seriously, not only do they save so much time and many headaches, you are also reusing something you might have otherwise gotten rid of. Also, you might make a few more crockpot meals and make your life easier 💁🏼‍♀️

#12. No More Missing Markers!  by @picking_up_steam

I just found this marker hack and am wondering why I haven’t thought of this. Hopefully it will help me keep my marker from drying out and groups arguing over colors. 🤞🏻 


#13. Cheap and Quiet Dice  by @kellymccowntpt

Math Tip for Quiet Dice Rolling 🎲⁣
DIY Math Dice. 💡 ⁣Use foam cubes from the Dollar Tree. You can buy 50 for $1.00! Cheap and easy for students to use quietly in your classroom. 🙌🏻 ⁣


#14. Best Little Whiteboard Erasers  by @danielle.chastain


#15. Dry Erase Paddles by @primaryscouts

These would be perfect to use for student feedback in awhole group setting. Who doesn’t love using dry erase markers on a fun whiteboard?!

I am sure there are many more great hacks which I have yet to see, and I look forward to continuing to be inspired as we enter the new year. I hope you have enjoyed the above, and that they help you all have a great year ahead!


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