Silent Letter Phonics Activities

When it comes to increasing fluency, there are a multitude of tasks and activities out there which educators can use. Combining a whole bunch of them in a targeted approach is highly effective. Some of my favorites are tasks related to reading comprehension. 

Silent Letters Focus Reading Comprehension

Let me introduce you to my Silent Letters Focus Reading comprehension activity. It will grab yours and your student’s attention, and will be a fun way to learn more about the quirks of our language. My husband and I are forever debating ‘herb’ (US) vs ‘herb’ (UK)!

This activity is available both as a no-prep printables and Boom Cards. The content is the same, but one is of course a printable format, and the other is digital. Both can be used for a literacy center, for group work, homework or even as a quick assessment.

No-Prep Reading Comprehension Printables

We first read the focus words in the box on the right, then find them in the passage and highlight them. We color the (house) picture on top after reading the passage each time. As the students become more familiar with the passage, they will notice their accuracy and fluency increase. Lastly, students will answer the reading comprehension questions at the bottom of the page. 

❤ Focus Sounds:

  • silent b
  • silent k
  • silent w
  • silent h
  • silent l

This set is part of a larger Phonics Reading Comprehension No-Prep Printables set, so click here to read more about it!

phonics skills reading passages examples

Reading Comprehension Boom Cards

Printable format works great, but I couldn’t suppress my urge to make the Boom Card version too. The content is the same, but Boom Cards make the activity more interactive. Students will choose a focus sound to read the story and answer the questions. These are self checking task cards, and students will know if they got the answers right or wrong straight away. Full audio support is provided for those who need extra help, which is another exciting feature!

phonics silent letter activity Boom Cards

Boom Cards  are great for centers, small groups, whole groups, assessments, differentiation, homework, and distance learning. Most importantly, students absolutely enjoy playing Boom Cards! If you’d like to learn more about it click here, and you can find out how you can access a few great free Boom Cards set of mine. 🙂

As I mentioned at the beginning, combining a multitude of activities is one of the most effective methods to increase fluency. You’ll be pleased to know that this product is part of a larger bundle of activities, all of which can be used to aid and develop your students. I am sure you’ll find them all educational, creative and fun!

Learn more about it here.

As always, you can save $$$ by getting the bundle. Let’s face it: we all love a bargain, don’t we?

That’s all for now. Have a great day!


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