Make Learning Phonics Skills in the K-2 Classroom Easy!

phonics sound passages with highlighted words

Raise your hand if you are a teacher of a child who is learning phonics skills or is practicing reading short passages? There are so many ways to teach these types of skills nowadays, and it can be overwhelming and stressful! 

I have found students love learning through stories. This is one reason I created some really fun phonics passages to help teach phonic skills to students. These passages not only help students learn and practice letter sounds/patterns. They also get them excited to read words which may have new patterns or may be completely new to them! 

Focus Sounds

One of the most important parts of phonics is obviously learning the sounds of letters. You may find a great product, but it is only available for beginning blends or diphthongs, leaving you scrambling to find passages that follow the same developmental pattern as the first product.

These packets are bundled in order with a scaffolding strategy in mind. The printables increase in difficulty and complexity as they progress, so the students build their knowledge gradually. It works far better if you complete them in order.

phonics skills cvc words
phonics skills cvcc words
phonics skills cvce
phonics skills reading blends
phonics skills diagraphs
trigraphs- phonics skills

All the reasons above are why I made sure to include ten of the most common  letter combinations and phonics rules in my Phonics Reading Comprehension Bundle. These phonics comprehension passages are perfect for focusing on specific phonics skills while students are also practicing and increasing their fluency.

This bundle includes:

Developmentally Appropriate Phonics Skills

Kids are often at all different levels of development when it comes to reading. Some children have their foot on the gas right from the beginning of the year, while others need a little more time and encouragement to really develop their skills.

Teachers are so intuitive and we often know exactly which students fall into which category. No matter what grade level you are teaching, It is important to have books, passages, and materials which are all developmentally appropriate for that age group. When teaching emergent or developing readers, it is even more important to make sure the passage or reading is not full of words that students are just not ready to tackle. 

The passages I have developed have this exact idea in mind. They only use developmentally appropriate sight words and vocabulary to help build students’ fluency and help them focus on the phonic sounds they are practicing or learning. A set of text-based questions follow each passage to help check for comprehension. These questions are also worded and written in a kid-friendly language.

free phonics reading comprehension worksheets

I know how annoying it can be to purchase a resource and then see the passages or activities are just not right for your classroom or students. That is why I made sure to offer a free version of my phonics reading comprehension passages. This way you can try it and fall in love with it, before you buy it!

Interactive Boom Cards version

Boom Cards are quickly becoming one of my favorite interactive resources. Students often do not even realize they are learning or practicing their phonics skills and are just totally engaged in the learning and fun! Plus, if your school, classroom, or even a single student needs to go into distance learning mode, they are a great tool to use!

If you are looking to try Boom Cards in your classroom, this is an awesome resource for you. All of my Phonics Reading Comprehension Passages are available in a BOOM CARDS version! How cool is that? If you ever have to return to distance learning or you are looking for a way to get your students to practice their phonics skills independently, these Boom Cards are the perfect solution!


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