First Grade Grammar Boom Cards

Why Should You Use Boom Cards?

Have you heard of Boom cards? They are self-checking digital task cards that can be played on tablets, computers, and even smartphones. They range from answering single or multiple questions, filling in the blanks, and dragging and dropping the answers. They are self-checking, so students get immediate feedback, and they will be given points when they complete the cards, adding the element of playing a game.

I believe in mixing up multiple methods of teaching, and Boom cards are definitely a must-have in the classroom. The element of variety, the sense of fun and games, and let me be honest, the relative ease for me to check on participation, performance and progress are all key features for me 🙂  

Have I persuaded you already? Well, if not, here are some more reasons why I think Boom cards are amazing:

  1. They are fun and engaging.
  2. They can be accessed anywhere.
  3. Students get immediate feedback.
  4. Teachers get live progressive reports.
  5. Differentiation is easy as you can assign different cards to different students.
  6. You can save time (and make the Earth happy) by skipping the printing, copying, cutting, and laminating.

First Grade Grammar Boom Cards

I created First Grade Grammar Boom Cards to pair with some of my most popular first grade grammar resources. These have proven to be successful in first and second grade, and ESOL classrooms. 
For the students to focus on the topic, not on their ability to read, I’ve included audio in all 32 decks. The audio will help the students read the directions and sentences in some of the decks.
Which topics are covered?
  1. subject-verb agreement (action verbs)
  2. subject-verb agreement (linking verbs)
  3. verb tenses (present, past, future)
  4. types of sentences
  5. punctuation
  6. regular past tense
  7. syllables
  8. personal pronouns
  9. possessive pronouns
  10. indefinite pronouns
  11. common nouns
  12. proper nouns
  13. possessive nouns
  14. plural nouns
  15. adjectitves
  16. conjunctions
  17. prepositions
  18. capitalization
  19. commas (dates and series)
  20. homophones
  21. multiple meaning words
  22. synonyms
  23. antonyms
  24. prefixes
  25. suffixes
  26. inflectional endings
  27. shades of meaning
  28. sorting
  29. ABC order
  30. determiners (articles a, an)
  31. determiners (articles a, an, the)
  32. determiners (demonstratives)

Learn More About Boom Cards

I have made a few videos that will help you get started. The first one shows you what Boom cards are and why you should try them, and the second video will give you a thorough guideline to get you started on Boom. You can follow along, step by step, from signing up to assigning decks to checking on your students’ progress.

More Grammar Resources

Whilst I love digital resources, I do know that the most effective methods often involve mixing-up multiple forms of tools and resources to create a compelling set of activities for students. With that in mind, I am sharing the links here to a variety of different resources of mine. I hope that you are able to enjoy some or all of them. These resources are directly-related to the Boom cards above and will help substantiate your students’ learning 🙂 

  1. Grammar Videos for Kids
  2. Interactive Grammar PowerPoint lessons
  3. Grammar Hands-On Activities
  4. 1st Grade Common Core Language No-Prep Printables
  5. 1st Grade Grammar Boom Cards
  6. Common Core Language Assessments

Free Boom Cards

If you are new to Boom cards, you can try my freebies to get a little taste of the Boom world.

Just open a free Boom Learning account, and start playing the cards! Free accounts include the ability to assign Boom cards to unlimited students without progress reports using the Fast Play pin option available in the Library. You can watch this short clip to learn how to use Fast Pins. 

If you’d like get the live monitoring feature added to your account, which I strongly recommend, you can pay a small yearly fee and sign up for the Power Membership. Trust me, differentiation and assessment will become a thousand times easier 🙂 Students will have fun learning, and all of the data will be at your fingertips. Perfect! 


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