2nd Grade Grammar Games Boom Cards

2nd grade grammar boom cards

For All My Boom Card Lovers

Have you ever heard of Boom Cards? The word is spreading fast because of their effectiveness and how easy they are to implement in any classroom.

What is there to love about 2nd Grade Grammar Boom Cards?

  • They are digital: Whether you want to do a whole group lesson on a smartboard/computer, go 1:1 classroom, or use them for distance learning, Boom Cards make everything seamless as they are completely digital. Plus, you get to save trees! 🙂
  • They are self-checking: No more checking individual assignments! Boom Cards are self-checking and the students will get live feedback as they complete the assignment.
  • It’s easy to differentiate: You will get live progress reports on all of your students, and they will tell you exactly what your students’ strengths and weaknesses are. This will save you so much time, and allows you to focus your energy on serving your students by catering to their individual needs. You can assign different decks of cards to different students depending on their levels.
  • Audio is included: Most of my 2nd Grade Grammar Boom Cards have audio support to aid those students who need extra help. This will further help students to work independently!
  • They are fun: Last but not least, Boom Cards are super fun and engaging. Students love them because they feel like they’re playing a game. It tickles me when I get feedback saying that the students’ begged to play Boom Cards. It’s definitely a win-win! Teachers provide a meaningful resource, and students have fun and learn in a meaningful way.

A Few Things You Need to Know:

  • You need access to the Internet to enjoy these grammar games.
  • You will need to create a free account on the Boom platform.
  • There are free and paid memberships, complete with different perks. (Teacher-friendly budget, I promise!)
  • Try my free Boom decks before you buy a membership. Scroll down to see the free decks. :)T

2nd Grade Grammar Boom Cards

second grade grammar esol boom cards

Do you ever think that getting your students to master a 2nd grade grammar skill is like pulling teeth? A fun engaging lesson, of course, is very important, but how do you get the students to practice in a meaningful way? I have always liked to incorporate both digital and print elements into teaching, and that is why when I found out about Boom Cards, I decided to add 2nd Grade Grammar Boom Cards to my growing library of resources.

What Is included With These Grammar Games?

  1. Common or proper nouns
  2. Possessive nouns
  3. Possessive or plural nouns
  4. Singular or plural nouns
  5. Irregular plural nouns
  6. Collective nouns
  7. Action verbs
  8. Irregular past tense verbs
  9. Linking verbs
  10. Helping verbs
  11. Adjectives
  12. Comparative and superlative adjectives
  13. Personal and possessive pronouns
  14. Reflexive pronouns
  15. Adverbs
  16. Capitalization
  17. Commas in letters
  18. Types of sentences
  19. Synonyms
  20. Antonyms
  21. Context clues
  22. Contractions
  23. Subject and predicate
  24. Shades of meaning
  25. Simple and compound sentences
  26. Complete and incomplete sentences
  27. Prefixes
  28. Suffixes
  29. Compound words
  30. Homophones

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Free Boom Cards For You to Try!

Match and Build Sight Words
Your students will practice sight words and common nouns listed in the pre-primer sight word lists.

parts of speech free boom cards
Students will practice parts of speech by choosing the word that best completes the sentence.

ten more ten less first grade math
Students will practice figuring out the numbers ten more and ten less.

second grade math place value
Students will determine if the place value of the digit is in the hundreds, tens, or ones.

Want to know more?

If you are totally overwhelmed with the countless number of digital platforms that you have had to embrace suddenly since 2020, take a deep breath. If what you are working with is working out really well for you, go with that and don’t stress over having to add another thing onto your plate. HOWEVER, if you are looking for an easier way, Boom Cards are the way to go. Honestly, I was a Boom-user-turned-Boom-author, and feel now that discovering 2ndgrade grammar Boom Cards was one of the best things that’s happened to me in the classroom. It’s just easy, so much fun, and ultimately, saves masses of a teacher’s precious time with these grammar games. Watch this video to help you if you’d like to dive into it!

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