1st Grade Homework for the Whole Year

Fall is just around the corner! I hope everyone is doing well prepping for back to school if you haven’t done so already. Apart from decorating my classroom, my husband and I were busy this weekend doing major fall cleaning in the house. Phew!
Last night, I uploaded a new product: 1st Grade Homework for the Whole Year. Truth be told, this took three years to make, as I gathered all the homework I’ve ever handed out in the past and organized it into 120 days’ worth of work. I spent the last month putting this together so that each page consists of both math and ELA practice.
I usually don’t give out homework for the first few weeks of school. I want all the children (and myself) to settle down and get used to our routine, each other, and the new environment they find themselves in.
Homework Schedule
My kids will receive the homework folder on Monday. They do homework each night from Monday to Thursday and then return the folder on Friday.
Homework Expectations
It is important to have reasonable homework expectations. Kids should not be doing homework that is too difficult. It should be something for them to supplement the areas they have already learned in school. A general rule is that children should spend 10 minutes on homework for each grade level – that is to say, a child in the 1stgrade should spend ten minutes on homework, a child in the second grade should spend around 20 minutes, and so on. This packet was made with that in mind. In this packet, the homework gets progressively more challenging throughout the year.
Is Homework Beneficial?
The answer to this varies largely from person to person. There are educators and parents who are against the idea of giving homework to young children, whereas there are also many people who think that it has a significant impact on overall academic achievement.  What is generally agreed is that homework does teach children to learn to be responsible and independent, and that it helps children develop habits that will help them through school as they get older.
How to Use 1st Grade Homework for the Whole Year
There are many ways in which 1st Grade Homework for the Whole Year can be used. I know some teachers who like to give homework out on a daily basis, and some weekly, some monthly etc. I prefer to do it monthly, as I like to set big goals for my kids, and it can actually save time in the long run. I’m actually even considering putting it into a spiral bound notebook!
What Is Included?
It is Common Core aligned and each page is labeled with the common core standards it supports with an “I can” statement.

*ELA Topics:

-sight words

*Math Topics:

-math fluency
-properties of operations
-word problems
-place value

Well, here are some sample pages for you. There are 120 pages in total.

That’s all for today! Everyone have a good rest of the weekend! J


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